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How effective are you with LinkedIn? It isn’t just a job search vehicle anymore. From a MediaPost article comes the following:

Roughly nine out of ten (88%) business executives use LinkedIn “often” or “very often,” according to a survey of 139 suits by DHR International, a corporate headhunting and management consultancy, as reported by Business News Daily. What’s more, 73% said that LinkedIn is their favorite social network, leaving Facebook and Twitter in the dust.

If you have just attended a webinar or a seminar from Deborah Chaddock Brown on the benefits, habits and usage of LinkedIn then you may be ready to learn more.

“Social media’s potential for business success was expertly explained to me by Deborah Chaddock Brown. She instructs with an easy-to-understand and engaging style, employing a hands-on approach that fosters learning while doing. Now I feel knowledgeable and confident taking on this new paradigm. Deborah is my go-to person for all things social media.”
Neal Enrick, RJF International

Our one-on-one training is conducted remotely from your desk to ours. Sit in the comfort of your office (or local coffee shop with WiFi) and here’s what we’ll accomplish:

  • Modify, edit, and basically revamp your personal profile. This is your BRAND! Let’s make sure you are letting people know your expertise, your background and your passions.
  • Learn what groups to join and why and then we’ll join a few and join in active discussions in your geographical area, your industry and in the groups your target prospects visit.
  • Learn the value of growing your network and get the answers to your most frequently asked questions:

What do I do with invitations from people I don’t know?
Who do I connect with?
Is there a special way to send invitations?
Should I connect with competitors?
What if I accidentally connect with someone?

  • Practice searching for specific people, certain titles within a company and companies
  • Learn how to research individuals prior to meeting with them
  • Practice how to use LinkedIn in just fifteen minutes or less a day and why

That is a ton of information!

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“If you REALLY want to get a handle on all this Social Network processes and how you can utilize them for the enhancement of your business and brand look no further than Deborah
Chaddock Brown!” Timothy A. Dimoff CEO/President, SACS Consulting and Investigative
Services, Inc.

The best part? At the end of ninety minutes (just one and one half hours) the work will be done. No extra homework. You will be ready to start using LinkedIn effectively.

And once more – WHY do we want to be on LinkedIn?

  • Increase your personal brand awareness
  • Keep your name in front of prospects and centers of influence
  • Connect with potential prospects
  • Research people and companies before you meet with them
  • Join in business conversations
  • 88% of business executives are using LinkedIn! Don’t you want to be where the action is?

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Are you ready to get started? Here is all you have to do:

  • Make sure you have a LinkedIn account and fill in as much as possible – we’ll be taking it to the next level. The more you complete in advance, the more we can modify and tweak during our session.
  • Check out your calendar and select a few dates and times that work:
    • Training slots are available Monday-Friday in 90 minute blocks. EST:
      • 10am-11:30
      • 12pm-1:30pm
      • 3pm-4:30pm
      • 6pm-7:30pm
  • Use your Visa/Master Card or Paypal account to reserve your spot.

Cost? Just $299!

A small investment in your ability to effectively utilize the largest B2B social media site and the marketing vehicle that 9 out of 10 executives are using!


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