If you are ready to put social media to work for your brand, organization or business, The Social Media Roadmap is the best place to start.

We offer individual and group training, keynote addresses and workshops to help get you started.

Following are a few of the keynote addresses, trainings and workshops available. All training is customized to your specific goals and individual industry specifications.

Individual Training/Consulting

Strategic Social Media Roadmap Consulting – initial meeting to determine goals and best vehicles. Determining the Road worksheet

Personal LinkedIn training.

Keynote Addresses – Luncheon Topics

Social Media –  How can it benefit me? participants will learn:

  • Increase web presence/additional searchable results
  • Ask for and respond to customer comments 24/7
  • Establish your expert status
  • Reinforce credibility
  • Stand out from the competition
  • Brand your image
  • Increase awareness
  • Connect with other experts
  • Participate in the Global conversation
  • Combat negative press/comments
  • Get people talking about you
  • Promote events

Create a Social Media Strategy , participants will learn how to:

  • Identify their primary goals for social media
  • Determine their audience and the specific value they bring
  • Create a brand strategy that incorporates all online accounts
  • Determine personal commitment
  • What they’ll do
  • How often they’ll do it
  • Fit their social media participation into their jam-packed day
  • Determine the value of a Policy for Social Media for their company

7 Secrets to Using Social Media to Build Credibility, participants will learn:

  • Simple strategies they can use to increase effectiveness
  • The value of sharing your knowledge
  • Tools to increase your visibility
  • Details for each of the 7 secrets
  • Tips to start today using social media to build credibility

Social Media for the Job Seeker, attendees with learn:

  • The importance of your brand
  • Tips for establishing yourself as an expert in your field
  • Using LinkedIn to: Company/Executive Research, Connect, Be the expert and Job search
  • Using Twitter to: Make connections, Seek job opportunities, Drive traffic to your other online sites
  • Facebook – the good the bad and the dilemma
  • Create a FREE splash page all about YOU

Workshop Trainings

The Ins and Outs of Social Media workshop teaches participants to

  • Effectively create a personal brand.
  • Use social media to establish their personal credibility as a subject matter expert.
  • Connect with peers and leaders in the industry for information sharing and networking.
  • Engage customers in communication.
  • Avoid circumstances where innocent communication via social media can ruin a reputation and be potential grounds for termination.

 Setting Social Media Parameters for Your Employees participants will learn how to:

  • Effectively create a personal brand across all social media sites
  • Use social media to establish your personal credibility as a subject matter expert
  • Connect with peers and leaders in your industry for information sharing and networking
  • Engage customers in communication
  • Handling negative comments about the company on social media
  • Avoid circumstances where innocent communication via social media can ruin a reputation and be potential grounds for termination

 What Parents Need to Know About Social Media, participants will learn

  • The pros and cons of social media for their teen
  • The basic sites teens frequent
  • The proper way to set up accounts so that your teen is protected and you can monitor their participation
  • The “what ifs” of teens on Facebook – what if your teen friends someone they shouldn’t, what if they are tagged in an inappropriate photo, and many more frequently asked questions are answered.

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