The Social Media Place Setting

Thanks so much for visiting our website. If you have landed here it means that you came across one of our Internet Marketing placemats.  Hopefully you learned something new.

So, how can we help? Here’s what we offer:

  • Consulting – need help clearing defining your social media marketing plan? We call that a Roadmap and we will help create one that meets your company needs.
  • Training – have a plan in mind but need help bringing it to life? We help with that too. We’ll meet with you and/or your team and show you the hows and why. One of our most popular training sessions is the One-on-One Business LinkedIn Training. But we’ll create a training program based on your specific needs.
  • Writing – This is our specialty. Our team at AllWrite Inkprovides:
    • Website content – with key word phrases to help with your search results
    • Blog articles
    • E-newsletters
    • Press releases
    • Articles
    • Case studies
    • Direct mail content
  • Information – Got Questions? – Get Answers from the Social Media Infomaniac
  • Promotion tips – Have an event, new product or service that you want to promote? Check out our Quick Trip Tips

Need help but you just don’t know what you don’t know?  Just give us a call.