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Do you have an event, new product or service that you want to promote? Quick Trip Social Media Roadmap offers you SEVEN customized, actionable tasks that you can do – starting right now – to promote your business.

The Social Media Roadmap will get you from HERE to THERE in no time!

Rather than sift through the myriad of options, for just $109 $99 you receive a step-by-step guide to help your promotions.

  • Complete the Quick Trip Questionnaire with all of the necessary details
  • The “Travel” Enthusiasts from The Social Media Roadmap will research the options for you
  • You’ll receive all of the instructions you’ll need to implement the SEVEN promotional tasks to start the buzz about your event or product

These are not cookie-cutter ideas!

The tips I received to promote our new product were easy to implement and the instruction was thorough and completely applicable to our target audience.       – Janet R

Promoting a Product?

Here is an example a B2B vendor received for introducing a new product line.

Promoting a new unit, targeting electrical engineers

Idea # 1: You might consider creating checklists:

  • 5 ways the new product makes the electrical process better/faster/cheaper
  • 5 things people are saying about the new product
  • Personal interview with the person (people) behind the development – what problem were they trying to solve, what new insights did they have, what challenges did they overcome
  • Since it appears the new product is a time saver – the 3 reasons the time savings is important to business owners (plant managers, etc.)
  • The 7 things you can do with the time you save by using the new product (this could include humor)

Once those ideas are developed, publish them online in a variety of formats:

  • a press release
  • an article/blog posts or series of them
  • a video interview
  • a Pinterest pin
  • a series of Facebook status updates
  • a LinkedIn conversation starter in one of the following groups:
  • contact one of the following to see if they would be interested in publishing the articles:cen.acs.orgenr.comsciencedaily.comOn Twitter Stanford University Engineering department has a twitter account @stanfordengMIT has a news account @MITNews and the school of engineering is @MITengineering

That is just ONE IDEA!

Imagine the options and ideas you will receive. You may not have the time and resources to complete all seven – but you’ll have the instructions and ideas for future promotional projects.

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Promoting an Event?

Promoting a special teacher discount for one week only in a retail location

Using Facebook to promote an open house, the owner wanted to focus on school teachers. Here was ONE TIP for her event:

  • Offer a limited time % off discount to teachers
  • Start spreading the word on Facebook with a status update and link to the URL for your store
  • Ask teachers to start spreading the word
  • Search for the Facebook pages of the different schools in the area and leave a status update on their wall
  • Ask the teachers to also spread the word and link back to your website
  • Search for teacher associates on Facebook and leave a similar status update
  • Repeat the status update with the special offer each day – word differently and remind readers that time is running out
  • Include a GPS map to your location in one of your updates
  • Create an additional offer (free cookie, $ off or other item) if they mention Facebook when they come to the store

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Promoting a Service?

Here is an idea that a B2B company that develops circuit protection circuits received. They wanted to focus their efforts on LinkedIn:

  • Create a series of polls that are posted periodically – monthly – that engage the reader by offering the opportunity to weigh in on a given subject. (i.e. what is value of circuit protection as a forethought rather than an afterthought in electronic design)
  • Share the polls and status updates in the groups. This can be done from the company page after the updated is posted and will appear in the groups with the company icon rather than an individual employee.
  • To create a poll, visit the LinkedIn page, click on the “more” tab at the top of the page, click on Polls and then on the left side of the page, select the button that says “create a poll.”

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