Non Profits

Non profit organizations, associations and centers live and breathe on the relationships they build within their communities.  Both to find participants and benefactors of their services but as important; to connect with donors and volunteers to help them continue to thrive.

Social media is inherently designed to benefit those organizations looking to make personal connections. The whole idea behind social media is the social aspect.

Making Connections     Building Relationships     Creating Brand Awareness

However, most non profit organizations have avoided social media; not because they aren’t interested, but because staff, time and financial resources are at a premium and they don’t have time to dabble in social media with hopes that their efforts will be rewarded.

That’s why a social media roadmap is so important. It is easy to connect with people in your community, create buzz about your fundraising events and inspire people to donate funds if you have a plan. And what better way to get the word out than by tapping into the powerful word of mouth that can be found on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

That’s where we can help.  Contact Deborah Chaddock Brown at AllWrite Ink to learn more about the Social Media Strategy sessions she’ll conduct with your board, executive director, and individual department managers.

Together you’ll discuss the ultimate goals for social media and then Deborah will create a unique and details Social Media Roadmap for your non profit organization.

Email Deborah today to learn more.  deborah (at) allwriteink (dot) com.




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