Deborah Chaddock BrownDeborah Chaddock Brown, owner of AllWrite Ink, an Internet writing firm, has been actively participating in social media since time began or 2005, whichever came first.

“I’m over 50 and I get it!,” she often tells her audiences.

So many baby boomers steer clear of active social media participation because it seems too complex or even silly. Afterall, did you really think something called “Twitter” that tweets with Tweeple could be considered a powerful business tool?

Deborah is a sought after speaker, using humor and real life stories to share the benefits of social media and how it can effectively allow companies to connect with their customers.


The first step to understanding how social media can work for your business is determining your goal and then learning which social media vehicles will help you achieve that goal. Deborah Chaddock Brown works with companies to create a custom social media roadmap to help them get to their customers.

Before opening AllWrite Ink, Deborah worked in the corporate world of retail, most recently as the Director of Communication for a billion dollar, multi-unit retail company. She brings a wealth of company knowledge to every discussion, incorporating her understanding of the importance of the bottom line with her passion for writing Words People Read.

She helps companies:

Build Credibility   –   Build Community   –   Build Customer Relationships

To hire Deborah as a speaker/trainer contact her directly at deborah@allwriteink.com.

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